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Sale & Purchase Legals

TSPC Estate Agents v Online and Non-TSPC Estate Agents

As with so many issues in modern life the choice of which is the best Estate Agency to entrust with the sale of your own home can be a confusing, if you are someone whos only concern is the lowest or "Cheap as Chips" price then there are a myriad of bargain basement providers online and otherwise that will carry out that limited service for you, if however you are looking to achieve the best possible price for your home then please be assured that the rise of online tools and agencies has not removed the significant value of traditional Estate Agencies and the skill and professionalism they bring to each property transaction, it has never been as important as it is nowadays to obtain the best local advice on when best to market your property, when the best time to accept or negotiate up your offer, there is no substitute for a skilled local negotiator with a proven track record of consistently obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients. At the time of printing TSPC members account for 90% of all sales in Tayside, all of the online and other non-TSPC agents share mere 10% of the local market betweem them and many charging the same or more than your local Solicitor/Estate Agent, remember to ask your agent if they are TSPC members as those non members will not usually provide that information if you do not ask- until it is too late!!

In our view there is no substitute for common sense local knowledge, ease of contact with an actual person appointed to deal with your sale and our renowned negotiation skill base. There wil always be a place for bargain basement "Cheap as Chips" online providers as a form of service providing lots of toys and gimmicks, but if you are serious about selling your home for the best possible price as quickly as possible there is only one option, and we in partnership with our friends at TSPC are it, so call us now on 01382 539313.

Selling your home:

Once you have made the decision to sell the next decision you make can be crucial to your selling experience and time frame:

As you may be aware property sales in this area have been dominated by the Tayside Solicitors Property Centre (TSPC) for the past 50 plus years, as a proud and successful TSPC member for over 10 years we would hope that your next choice of Estate Agency would be Alan E. Masterton Solicitors, we charge no Estate Agency commission as some Estate Agents do and our fees are geared to the Home Report valuation of your property which allows us to provide you with a detailed fixed-fee quote for all fees and outlays at the outset of the sale before we have conducted any work for you, there are no false representations or claims relating to the work we carry out for you., all work and costings are provided in a written fee fixed estimate to you on day 1, you simply sign our terms of engagement, and leave the rest up to us, if you need to sit down and discuss any part of your sale or the process you simply make an appointment to see us that day or within the next 24 hours, we are always available to you 7 days a week, or you can arrange to meet with us inthe comfort of your own home.



Buying your new home:

Buying a new home is said to be one of lifes most stressful experiences, at Alan E. Masterton Solicitors we pride ourselves on providing as stress-free an environment as is possible, as many past client will confirm we provide a truly friendly, approachable and professional service, many of our new clients have recommended our services to family and friends and that is why we do very little mainstream advertising, in our view one word from a past or present client to a friend or family is worth a thousand of our own and this philosophy has served us well over the last decade or so.

Missives:(the legal contract) There are fundamentally two different phases when purchasing a property in Scotland, the first phase or "Missives” phase is the legal contract phase which is where you put in an acceptable offer, missives are the contract letters starting with your offer which go back and forth between agents and discussed with clients until agreement is reached between the buyer and seller, there is no enforceable contract in Scotland until missives are "concluded” the final missive is the concluding missive and thereafter both parties are legally bound to contract for the price on the agreed day, you cannot withdraw from the purchase once missives are "concluded” and likewise a seller can back out of missives up until they are concluded. We will always check with you to obtain your confirmation and final instruction to conclude once that stage is reached, we never conclude missives and bind clients to such an onerous obligation as a house purchase without a final confirmation from you.

Conveyancing: (Legal Work surrounding title examination etc) is the second phase of the process and starts once an offer is agreed (even though missives may not be concluded) we cannot wait on missives being concluded before we begin the Conveyancing as often these days conclusion of missives can take up to the week or days before entry to conclude, this is not unusual , we will always report our findings on the title to you and ensure that you are aware of your obligations etc once you become an owner of the property this is all part of the Conveyancing or legal work phase of the purchase process.