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Lease Property Management

As your property managers our aims are always to manage the risks in your building and protect your relationships

Pro-actively managing your buildings and maintaining their value has many challenges, our three guiding principles are;

  1. To make your building sustainable and compliant with legislation.
  2. To Maintain tenant satisfaction.
  3. To Communicate with third parties and local authorities

Our procedures are tailored to manage risk, both insurance and potential litigation

Our services

We will help you manage your relationships to ensure the smooth running of your building.

Our services include:

Tenant satisfaction

We will manage communications with your tenants and deal with any issues as they arise in an efficient and professional manner.

Risk and claim management

We will put processes in place to minimise risks and deal with any claims.

Owner representation

As Solicitor agents we can act as your representative with the public authorities.

The benefits to you

  1. Expert representation covering all bases
  2. Satisfied tenants

Our experience of tenant management will help you protect your relationships, keep your tenants happy and your building occupied.

Enhanced relationships

By managing your third-party relationships more effectively we will help you achieve your targets.

We will be your tenants first point of call for any repairs and complains and we will arrange your annual Gas Safety certificate and any other certificates that are needing addressed.

Starting your new Tenancy

If you are a new Landlord and do not have any tenants in your property we can advertise the property online for you (on various social media and other outlets). Once we have successfully vetted a potential tenant and they are accepted by you we will then draf your Private Residential Tenancy (PRT) which came into force 1st December 2017 replacing the Assured and Short Assured tenancy. The PRT is drafted by us online and your tenant can sign it through a PDF document via email and the ‘Fill & Sign’ section. We will agree with yourself and your tenant on an entry date to which the property must have all the relevant certificates in place and be clean and ready to move into.

During the Tenancy

Once your tenant has moved in they will contact us if anything is needing repaired (i.e. leaking taps, boiler repairs etc), we will contact your tenant via email or letter to arrange an inspection of the property to make sure all is still in order. We conduct quarterly checks of the property and will ensure the property is being maintained to the standards we expect and we will always update you when the quarterly checks are completed if there is anything adverse to report.

Terminating the Tenancy

The PRT came into force 1st December 2017, among the many new regulations brought in on that date one of the perhaps more onerous points is that there is now no minimum period or rent and no end date to your tenancy. In previous lease agreements you would have been able to say the lease will either be ending in 6 to 12 months’ time and will be a rolling tenancy or a Notice to Quit would be issued, if your tenant has been in the property for 6 months or less they must give you 28 days’ notice regardless of the eviction ground or 84 days’ notice if the tenant has been in the property for 6 months or more (this is only for PRT leases only.)

There are now 18 grounds of removal of a tenant that a Landlord must give to a tenant to bring the tenancy to an end:-

If the tenant, then refuses to leave the property for whatever reason after expiry of the relevant notice there then must be an application to new Tribunal service to obtain an eviction order. If the tenant is agreeable to the tenancy end date, we will meet your tenant on the last day of the PRT and ensure the property is left in good condition and the security deposit returned to the tenant.

NB: Nothing contained in the above pages constitutes legal advice, you should seek independent legal advice on all such issues.